Project: Co-Mingle Videos

Multimedia artist, Joyce McAndrews is an experienced art director and production designer for innovative industry leaders with a diverse background in art, film, video, photography, print, online streaming, web design and app development.

Thanks to the financial support from the 65 donors to the Project: Co-Mingle Kickstarter Campaign, The Lear Family Foundation and Developers, Touchstone NW, Project: Co-Mingle was successfully exhibited on May 3, 2018 in the Troy Block Building, Seattle's latest SUPERBLOCK, located in South Lake Union. Funds were raised for FareStart, in support of a real solution to Seattle's homeless crisis.

Joyce is currently creating large 3d panels celebrating the historic Woman's March in Washington in 2017.

Project: Co-Mingle continues as Joyce is now photographing the rise of downtown Seattle’s 58-Story Rainier Square Tower adjacent to the landmark Rainier Tower designed by Minoru Yamasaki.